Euphoria is a popular and respected Love & Sex online magazine and advice column, our goal is to inspire both men and women to live a healthy and positive love life.

Our Mission

We will answer all your questions (all questions welcomed) openly, honestly and without judgement. 

Our mission is to create a safe spot to talk openly about love, sex and relationships. Our goal is to inspire people to create conscious relationships based on love and acceptance rather than fear, jealousy, anger, and ownership.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help millions of people find peace and happiness with themselves and within their relationships.

Euphoria is run by Claire Crawford, an advice columnist and freelance writer answering your questions on dating, sex, relationships and everything in between. So if you fancy a perspective from someone who has probably been in your shoes then drop me a line.  It’s a bit like therapy, only way quicker and heaps cheaper. Free, in fact.

file00051763508About Claire: 

Claire Crawford is a professional advice columnist and freelance writer, her specialities lie in talking openly about healthy relationships, love and sex. She also writes articles on general health and well-being and her work has been featured through many sites, news channels and magazines. Connect with Claire over at one of her two blogs here at Euphoria or at Bliss and Well-being. If you would like to get in touch with Claire you can email her over at clairecrawford75@yahoo.com.au


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