Top Six Reasons You Should Orgasm More


You shouldn’t ever need a reason to have more sex, and more orgasms, but just in case, there are some here that you may not be aware of.  Whether you’re looking to boost your immune system, regulate your cycles, or look younger, these excuses are always a good reason to get it on. Keep them handy as arguments to use when you want to get your partner in bed, or to justify your cravings for some play.

You can do it without a partner!

All those studies about the benefits of sex leave the single gal or guy out in the cold, but the good news is that masturbating to orgasm will release many of the same feel good chemicals that having sex with a partner does.  Try adding a sex toy to your play from a site like and have some fun while you cum.

Morning Sex

Morning sex can be a glorious way to start the day, and research has shown that starting your day with some nookie can lead to a boosted immune system and a great mood all day long.

It makes your cycles regular

Studies have shown that having sex at least once a week causes women to be more regular with their menstrual cycle.  Forget complicated tracking apps and trying to figure out days on a calendar; just by having more regular sex you’ll be able to track your period better.

It makes you look younger

It turns out that people who reported having sex four times a week tend to look at least ten years younger than their actual age. While it’s not true that semen is good for the skin, having regular sex can do wonders for your appearance.  Whether it’s the hormones released during sex or the confidence you have from honing that much sex appeal, turns out having plenty sex does wonders for your looks.

It boosts your immune system

Researchers at an American university found that having sex one to two times a week provides a significant boost to the immune system.  More fun than a flu shot, and better than popping cold pills, having frequent sex gives your body what it needs to fight off infections better.

It can cure that headache

When you have a killer headache there’s no more using that as an excuse for not having sex.  When you reach orgasm, your body releases endorphins and corticosteroids.  These chemicals act like a natural painkiller to reduce the pain of headaches and migraines.  They can even help with arthritis and premenstrual cramping too.

If you’re looking for a reason to have sex, or a convincing argument to get your lover back between the sheets, these excuses are a sure-fire way to get the job done. They’re real and intriguing, and you can argue about their validity all the way to the bedroom.