Spice Things Up With Mutual Masturbation!


Do you often go nuts watching your woman masturbate?! Have you ever tried masturbating in front of her?! Are you aware that indulging in mutual masturbation can deliver some of the hottest sex of your lives?

A very important suggestion that I give to all the couples is that they must tell their partners about all sorts of wild things they have done with their other partners. Another important thing is masturbating in front of your partner and showing him/her how you go about pleasuring yourself, so he/she can do the same to your body.

Try it once and you’ll see that there is nothing more sexy and erotic than masturbating with your partner in view. Tell them all about your dirty secret thoughts and what all you’d like to do to them. Why not watch them pleasure themselves while you’re at it? It’s going to be great fun!

It cannot be denied that there are some nights when we just don’t want to get all intimate and sweaty; all we want to do is just get off! See, we have all been in that situation. I’m sure, all of us have tried phone sex at some point of time in our lives and it’s great fun unless you start screwing the handset itself. Cybersex has its own fan following, except the fact that I could never get around the idea of typing and masturbating at the same time. It can get things really messy. A lot of people do sex-ting as well, but that again involves typing. Phone sex is great if you have a good quality Bluetooth headset. But there’s nothing like mutual masturbation. Try bringing in some sex toys into the fold and you’ll have the wildest time of your life! We love www.sextoys247.com.au