Vaginal Odor – Learn why it occurs?


There’s a unique natural odour of the female vagina which although not offensive, can sometimes be embarrassing. However, in case your vagina smells foul or fishy, it may be a sign of some problem. It’s important that you tackle this problem as soon as you can, because if ignored it can assume a more serious shape, both physically and socially.

Following are some commonly known causes of vaginal smells.

Tight clothing – Nothing denying the fact that tight clothes look extremely good on women. But they can be problematic and lead to foul smell if they are a little too tight. Extremely tight clothing doesn’t allow your skin to breathe properly, leaving no room for ventilation. This results in sweat sticking to your vagina or skin, resulting in foul smell. It’s recommended that you wear pants which are just the right fit and give your legs enough breathing space.

Yeast infections – Another very important cause of foul vaginal odour is yeast infection or bacterial infection. Yeast infection in vagina can cause burning sensations, itching and redness. Whitish discharge from the vagina is also an indicator of yeast infection.

Improper hygiene – I know this may sound unbelievable, but even in the present time and age there are women who aren’t completely aware of their girl parts. Many don’t know exactly how to properly clean up their vaginas. The result, foul smell! Get yourself some personal cleaning solution from this website

Sweating – Just like men, women can also sweat a lot. If you’re one of those women who sweat profusely and don’t wash your private parts often, it can result in bad odour.