Sex beyond 40


Are you concerned about adding years to your age believing that you might not be able to perform as you used to? Do not worry yourself. A lot of testimonies show that a handful of men and women manifest much fiercer libido than when they were younger. Some says that sex had become more relaxing and fun as they gained experience.

Still not convinced? It’s not rocket science, so here are some pointers to make you feel at ease each time you celebrate your birthday. Read on!

Communication is key

At this particular stage, I presume that most couples have been together for some time already. If that is so, then there won’t be any problem in communicating both parties’ concerns when it comes to the issue of performance in bed. Talking about it while preparing to sleep is the best time in exchanging factual statements based on each other’s fears. Making our partners know how we feel and what we are thinking about sex at such age will help make things easier once you get on it.

Sexual health and safe sex

Now, if we are in a new relationship and sex is just coming its way or have just been introduced into the relationship, then safe sex practice is very important. Unless you have known each other for a long time and you know that both of you are safe from sexually transmitted disease, then you can relax a bit. But its better to be safe until everything is 100% confirmed.

Aging and men’s sexual health

Testosterone plays a major role in a man’s sexual experience. As a man age, his testosterone level slowly declines.At this point, men will surely notice changes in their sexual response. Older men say that it takes longer for them to react or for their penis to become erect. Also, it is a stated fact that erections usually are not as firm in the latter years of a penis’ life. There are statements too that it is harder for men to reach an orgasmic or ejaculatory state at this time of their lives. Knowing these facts, women should be extra careful in talking about their men’s sexual performance.

Aging and women’s sexual health

When it comes to women, there are issues with vaginal dryness, slower arousal and harder time to reach orgasm. Emotional changes also occur due to feeling undesirable with the body undergoing physical changes at this point. But there are relatively lot of women who are more in line with their emotions and thus enjoy sex more than in their younger years. Not having to worry about suddenly getting pregnant is one factor. So men should be more encouraging to their women at this time, a little boost in their self-esteem will make a lot of difference.