Women’s Guide To Lingerie – Adding Pepper (with some salt and spice) to sex


Some women don’t get lingerie at all. However, women who could improve things by a notch or two swear and stand by the efficacy of lingerie. With innovative, playful and colourful lingerie, you can change the whole game of sex. As Ansal Adams famously said, “a visual speaks a thousand words.”

When your partner sees you, with surprise, in a recently purchased lingerie, it’s definitely going to rub him the right way; probably a little too much! It goes without saying that the added enthusiasm and newfound excitement all gets transferred into wild sexual energy that can please your bedroom walls – the way they like it!

What to Look For When Shopping For Lingerie?

Paying attention to his taste is the first thing to do in buying the right lingerie that can turn him on. This is not foolproof, but you are definitely going to get close with this strategy with a few trial and errors.

Avoid sophisticated lingerie that takes a private detective to unfold its hooks. Stick to something hot but make sure they are easy to attach and detach because precious moments of life are too valuable to be wasted on solving complex puzzles.

Although lingerie is not something that you are likely to use forever, it is still a good idea to pay attention to the quality. You don’t want any cheap fabric or synthetic material all over your skin that could probably cause discomfort to you and your partner.

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