A Healthy Diet Can Protect Your Erection


Consuming a healthy diet on a daily basis is not only going to protect your heart, but will also go a long way in guarding your potency. In the opinion of Doctor Graham Jackson, a consultant cardiologist and Sexual Advice Association’s chairman, the risk factors associated with coronary diseases are the same as erectile dysfunction. This implies that any man who successfully lowers his cholesterol levels, eats healthy food and exercises regularly, will benefit in terms of both sexual as well as coronary health.

A penis becomes erect only when there is proper flow of blood to it. Diets which constitute lots of processed, fried, fatty food items and very few vegetables and fruits, can be a major cause of decrease in blood circulation throughout the human body. Hence, eating ample amounts of lean protein, nuts, healthy fats, vegetables, whole grains and fruits is a must.

Narrowing of arteries, a condition commonly known as arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis, is one of the major reasons for erectile dysfunction. In this condition the walls of arteries become hard and thick at all places where fats get deposited.

These are the precise reasons why anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction is also checked for heart related conditions. As the source of both the problems is same, both are strongly interrelated.

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