Top Two Sexual Positions Women Love

two positions she will love

Women are a lot more adventurous than some men give them credit,  in fact most women do not like to lay on their backs (missionary style) to have sex. It restricts they movement and if they are small framed and thin your body weight could make sex uncomfortable.

Therefore, why not try these two sexual positions and if you find that both of you enjoyed them then for a little inspiration why not jump online and purchase a  book on sexual positions.

The first position we will call face to face – It is pretty self-explanatory but here goes. Sit down on the edge of the bed so your feet on touching the floor (for balance) and have her sit down on your lap facing you and wrap her arms around your neck. Why do women enjoy this position – This gives her more control of the depth and the speed of the thrusts. While allowing you to have access to other areas of her body to pleasure her.

The second position we will call doggy style for lack of a better word. Here is how it works,  put a pillow under her lower stomach to help prop her vagina up. Then have her lie down on her stomach, you lie down on top of her (hold yourself up a little in a crouch type position) and make sure her legs are on the inside of your legs. Why women love this position – because she cannot spread her legs it makes for a tighter fit and makes your penis feel longer and wider.

There you have it, if you haven’t already then try these simple yet effective positions with your women – she will love you for taking the time to try something new.