Discovering The Art Of Foreplay

Intimate couple undressed on bed-744045Foreplay is not just restricted to actual physical contact. The art of foreplay is to produce an erotic response from your partner without necessarily using skin to skin contact. Using your imagination and opening up your mind will allow you to learn the art of foreplay to satisfy your partner in ways you would not have imagined. There are many ways to discover which foreplay ideas will work best for you and your partner. Trying them all would not hurt anything either.

Finding the right spot

Now for women this could be almost any part of her body. Women have more sensitive spots on their body then a man does. Women have over 300 spots on their body that can lead to a sexual response. Men have only about 20 spots that can really get their sexual response going. The best way to find out where they are is to talk about it. Couples do not spend enough time talking about their sexual needs or desires anymore. Discuss this open and honestly with your partner.

Think out of the box

Foreplay is not always restricted to physical contact. Try thinking out of the box when you want to think about new ways to discover foreplay. Some couples have found delight in using thinks like personal lubricants, feathers or even just sexual innuendos throughout the day. Foreplay does not have to start at night, get things going early for you and your partner.

Admiring the Landscape

Once you have decided what additions to add, always pay attention to the landscape. A human body is very sensitive to sensual touch. You can use this to ignite the passion in your partner without using actual sex. Mastering this art of foreplay could lead you to undiscovered things about you and your partner. Many partners have learned the ability to bring their partner to orgasms without even touching them. Do not limit yourself to just the things you may know, do some research and find new ways to pleasure each other.

Pay attention to romantic details

Do not forget the romantic touches you know that your partner likes. Setting the mood with candles, flowers and scents will help to progress your evening faster. Women especially like the romantic touches; it lets them know that their man is thinking of them and not just the sex.

Mastering the art of foreplay can add to meaning to your sex life. Fulfilling each other through foreplay can lead to a more happy marriage and sexually fulfilled life together. It brings couples together when they learn how to make each other’s bodies respond with just a touch. You will notice a closer relationship with each other once you have experimented with some new foreplay ideas. Talk with each other to find out which types of things to try. Communication is the key to getting to the bottom of each other’s fantasies.

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