Cleaning Your Adult Toys Correctly

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In this day and age many couples now bring adult toys into the bedroom. It is no wonder that so many people have questions on how to keep them clean. In order to avoid STD’s or bacterial infections it is crucial to know when and how to keep these toys clean.

There are so many sex toys, vibrators, and freaky adult aides on the market it is hard to keep track of proper cleaning techniques. Who has time to read the instructions for EVERY SINGLE fun new toy you buy? Cleaning your adult toys correctly is crucial in order to avoid infections or even worse STD’s. With that said it is also important to understand the complicated yet important breakdown of keeping your vibrators and other sex toys clean. The following will explain when and how to clean your toys as well as explain the different ways to clean different types of materials.


Sex toys are always enjoyable but before you put that vibrator to use remember safety first! If this is your first time using the sex toy make sure you clean it as soon as it comes out of the box. However, if it is not the first time being used but has been in hiding for a long time make sure to give it a good cleaning. The last thing you need is a dusty vibrator! Also, please make sure you clean your sex toy right when you are finished. Yes, you are tired and worn out from great sex (hopefully) but do it now before you forget. It is no fun getting an infection from not cleaning that amazing vibrator!


Cleaning sex toys has come a long way over the years. Did you that back in the day it was actually recommended that you use rubbing alcohol? Let’s hope you didn’t have any cuts! Not only have cleaning methods changed but so have the materials used for sex toys. Vibrators, clit stimulators, you name it now come in a variety of materials for your pleasure. Here is a guide to cleaning the different types of materials:

  • Plastic: These sex toys can be washed with warm water and soap or with a cleaner sold at adult stores. Dry them with a paper towel or let them air dry. For obvious reasons please do not boil these.
  • Elastomer: The best cleaning method for these sex toys is using warm water with soap and rinse. Again, paper towel or air dry.
  • Fleshlike and Cyberskin: These sex toys are the hardest to keep clean and run the highest risk of carrying the most bacteria. Wash these toys in warm water only with no soap and let them air dry COMPLETELY before storage. Putting them away too soon will result in mildew. Not very sexy.
  • Jelly: A variety of sex toys are made jelly and the good news is they are easy to clean. Good old warm water and soap will do just fine for these. Air dry or wipe with a paper towel.
  • Silicone: Many vibrators and other sex toys are made of this and it is the easiest to clean. There are a few options here. Soap and warm water is one option. You can use a toy cleaner from the adult shop. Another option is to boil them if you are sensitive to soap. Get this, for all you ladies always on the go if you get too busy you can even put these toys in the dishwasher to clean them! Just don’t let your kids empty the machine.
  • Glass: The best method of cleaning these would be warm water and soap. You have the option of boiling them but it depends on the type of glass; unless this is an area you are knowledgeable in then you may just want to stick to the previously mentioned method.
  • Metal/Wood/Ceramic: With all of these materials use just warm water and soap.

Sex toys can be a fun way to spice up your sex life. Just make sure you take the time to properly clean your vibrators and other goodies so you and your partner stay safe.