Tips to Help Boost Her Confidence About Her Body

Happy couple having coffee on porch.

More often than not, a woman has at least one area of her body that she is uncomfortable with whether it is her thighs, breasts, buttocks, or her entire body.

When a woman feels good about her body then she is more playful, embraces her sexuality and is in the mood for sex. If you find that the woman in your life is suffering from a body imagine issue you should try the following tips to help her overcome it.

Compliment her: If you overdo it, guys she will notice ….so keep your comments and your actions low key. Complement her on the body area that  you know troubles her, if it is her bottom then give it a little love tap and tell her it looks great – do it when she is not expecting it.

Never tell her she is being foolish and her body is fine or perfect: To you it very well may be, however to her it isn’t,  so your job is to help in little subtle ways to help boost her confidence about her body. Nobody is perfect, and nobody knows this better than women, when you tell her she is perfect, that is frustrating for her. You have to find ways to show her how to embrace and love her body for what it is – teach her how to appreciate her body.

Embrace her inner sex vixen: If the two of you are out shopping together and you see a hot little dress, take it off the rack and tell her how hot she would look in it. If you can afford it, buy it for her. A women wants to feel desired and sexy, and if you are telling her that she will look great in that hot little dress, this is an instant confidence booster.

Surprise her with sexy presents: Lingerie is a nice surprise gift when presented in the right way. What is the right way you ask? Just because you love her and think she would look awesome it. When you buy her lingerie she feels desired and sexy, for she knows that you must find her sexy if you want to see her in it.

A lot of women have body image issues so you may just have to be patient and help her along with kind words of encouragement. Try these tip above to give her a little confidence boost.